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The information available on the Website regarding the Wagner Finance Holding S.à r.l. bond 2019/2024 (ISIN: DE000A2R9Y44 / WKN: A2R9Y4) does not constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer or any other form of solicitation and may not be used for the purposes of such offer or solicitation, either in countries where such offer or solicitation is not permitted, or to persons to whom such offer or solicitation is unlawful.

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Any transaction in breach of the above prohibitions is void and may lead to forfeiture and sale.

In any case, the purchase or subscription of bonds – Bond 2019/2024 issued by the Company can only be made on the basis of the securities prospectus also available on the Website and approved by the Frankfurt Securities Supervisory Authority.

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  1. Risks

Investment in securities issued by the Company is subject to a number of risks, uncertainties, assumptions and other factors that may cause actual results, including the Company’s financial condition and profitability to differ materially from, or be less favorable than, those expressed or implied by the information contained in the Website.

Any investor considering purchasing securities issued by the Company must conduct its own independent review of the Company’s financial condition and affairs and its own assessment of the creditworthiness of the Company as the issuer. Before making any investment decision, the currently valid prospectus for the bearer bonds of the Company, including any supplements and other generally accessible sources of information about the securities, must be consulted.

Visitors to the Website are solely responsible for analysing the information available therein and for weighing and evaluating the opportunities and risks of an investment in the bonds of Wagner Finance Holding Sàrl.

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